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About Alternate Solutions Institute

Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan’s first free market think tank, was set up in April 2003 in Lahore. It is an independent, registered, non-profit, non-governmental, educational and research entity, established for the “welfare of the people by the people,” based on mutual help and cooperation, free from any political or partisan influence.

The guiding philosophy of the Institute is based on the values of limited government, rule of law, protection of property rights, market economy, individual freedom, and private initiative.

1. Seeking solutions to the challenges facing Pakistan (such as) in the areas of economy, education, health, law, environment, in accordance with its guiding philosophy and values and it does this by:

  • Publishing and promoting original texts with solutions to these challenges, or undertaking, publishing and promoting research into solutions in both English and Urdu or other regional languages;
  • Conducting seminars, workshops and conferences to educate/train students, teachers, lawyers and journalists, particularly, and people at large generally;
  • Collaborating/cooperating with any individual or organization, national or international, that shares its aims and guiding philosophy on the basis of equality, mutual respect and organizational independence;
  • Preparing, publishing and promoting translations of relevant texts from other languages into Urdu and other regional languages;

2. Promoting the implementation of these solutions by changing the climate of opinion in Pakistan so that there is an improved understanding of the benefits of limited government, rule of law, protection of property rights, market economy, individual freedom and private initiative. Such a change in opinion will be enabled by the activities as enunciated in 1 above.


To achieve these ends, A. S. Institute

  • engages in the translation and publishing of relevant texts from other languages into Urdu;
  • prepares original texts based on research suggesting particular solutions to particular challenges;
  • and conducts seminars, workshops and conferences to educate interested students, teachers, and journalists in the principles of classical liberalism.

Staff members


        Dr. Raza Ullah

              Executive Director

           Dr. Khalil Ahmad

         Office Assistant
     Javed Baluch


          Board of Advisors

Dr. Sajid Ali
Zaffarullah Khan
He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and teaches various Philosophical Disciplines to post-graduate students. He is currently Chairman of the Department of Philosophy, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Zaffarullah Khan

He has been active in the field of Social Research, Journalism, and Advocacy Campaigning. He is currently Executive Director of Centre for Civic Education, Islamabad, which is working for the promotion of Responsible Citizenship and Stable Constitutional Democracy in Pakistan.

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