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28 Mar, 2014
Afraid Of Trade?

By Nadir Hassan

March 28, 2014

 The MFN then, even if its name has been watered down to Non-Discriminatory Market Access to remove the misimpression that India will be treated better than any other country we trade with, is something we need to pursue.


03 May, 2011
Tunisias Free Trade Revolt

May 3, 2011

By Tibor R. Machan

How ill conceived it is that government is thought to be authorized to regiment people’s economic activities and affairs should be plain to anyone who understands a thing or two about human liberty. But what happened in Tunisia to set off the recent rebellion might illuminate the point a bit. Here is what we find in the pages of THE WEEK (February 19, 2011, p. 48), originally published in The Times/N.I. Syndication:

“[Mohamed Bouazizi, the] young [street] trader had been in trouble with the authorities before....Under the dictatorship of President Ben Ali, permits were required for every form of business activity, often accompanied by a bribe. Bouazizi’s family would later claim that he had refused to pay the bribe demanded by the officials....According to other fruit and vegetable pedlars, vendors have a choice when faced with a municipal inspector: they can flee, and leave behind both borrow and merchandise; pay a fine equivalent to several days’ earnings, or fork out a bribe. Bouazizi, it seems, was not inclined to do any of these. When [a 45 year old female inspector] Hamdi began seizing his applies, he tried to grab them back, and she slapped him in the face....”

22 Jan, 2011
The Fatal Folly Of Protectionism

By Farooq Tirmizi 

January 18, 2011
In a nutshell, protectionism is when a government restricts the flow of goods in or out of the country – either through tariffs, quotas or outright bans – in order to protect either local producers or consumers of the good in question.
Yet, since 1929, the world’s economists have, by and large, agreed that protectionism is damaging to both the country that engages in it as well as the rest of the world. This is because protectionism was the leading cause of the Great Depression.

21 Oct, 2009
FTAs - Do They Really Free The Trade?

Ausgust 25, 2009

In recent years free trade agreements have become fashionable. Thus, when two or more countries reach an agreement to allow free trade (because it is they which in the first instance imposed restrictions on free trade), it is publicized as a Free Trade Agreement. It is misleading and ridiculous! It’s not allowing free trade between the contracting countries, since there are more ‘strings’ here than the natural freedom allows!

04 Mar, 2009
Free Trade Brings Prosperity

This Press Briefing has been arranged in connection with the launching of Global Freedom to Trade Campaign. As we know that WTO's 5th ministerial conference is going to be held in Cancun, Mexico, from September 10 to 14, this is to remind that the driving force behind the WTO was 'free trade' but the politics of big powers and its vested interests have divided this platform into warring forces. We at Alternate Solutions Institute want to stress the importance of trying to achieve global free trade through WTO, and taking advantage of this Campaign wants to highlight the fact that free trade is the way of prosperity for the people of the world.

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