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07 Nov, 2009
Media Release: New Study demands Education Voucher Scheme be expanded to other districts

Punjab Education Foundation’s Education Voucher Scheme in Lahore benefiting disadvantaged families


Lahore November 7, 2009: An independent study of the Education Voucher Scheme conceived and implemented by Punjab Education Foundation in under-developed areas of Lahore shows that Milton Friedman’s idea of education voucher has been picked up and applied in its true spirit, and finds the Scheme satisfactorily working and producing desired results in Pakistan. 

14 Sep, 2009
Media Release: Pakistan Performs Badly On The Scale Of Economic Freedom, Its Rank Lowered From 104 to 110

Lahore September 14, 2009: Pakistan ranked 110 out of 141 countries this year, after ranking 104 (out of 141 countries) in the last year’s report. In 2008 Report Pakistan scored 6.05 points out of 10; while this year its overall scored fell to 6.01. The areas that caused a decline in Pakistan’s overall performance are: legal structure and security of property rights; access to sound money; and freedom to trade internationally. The areas in which Pakistan slightly improved are: size of government where its score changed from 7.01 to 7.1; and regulation of credit, labor, and business where its overall scored improved to 6.6 from 6.56.

25 May, 2009
Media Release: "The Bases Of Economic Freedom: A Course For The Beginners" Launched

Lahore May 25, 2009: Alternate Solutions Institute, first free market think tank of Pakistan, has launched and successfully completed the first session of its ambitious project, The Bases of Economic Freedom: A course for the beginners. The course aims at teaching and promoting the virtues of fundamental individual rights and economic freedom. The first ever batch consisting of 21 participants was selected from students, teachers, activists and young professionals who were brought to Ayubia for 5 days’ activities.

22 May, 2009
A S Institute releases its Charter of Liberty

The Charter of Liberty released by Alternate Solutions Institute today demands that the fundamental rights given in the 1973 Constitution be taken as core values and made inviolable.

10 May, 2009
Media Release: A. S. Institute Launches "Sign the Charter of Liberty Campaign"

Lahore April 3, 2009: The fundamental rights given in the 1973 constitution be treated as core values and made inviolable. This was demanded in a meeting organized yesterday in a local hotel by the Alternate Solutions Institute, first free market think tank of Pakistan. The meeting was attended by students from various institutions and young people in a large number. At this occasion the Institute formally launched its “Sign the Charter of Liberty Campaign.”

18 Mar, 2009
Media Release: Black Coat Revolution Needs To Be Strengthened

Lahore March 18, 2009: The Black Coat Revolution of March 16 which is the manifestation of the will of the people of Pakistan needs to be strengthened. The restoration of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan, to his rightful and lawful position, will ensure the ordinary people of Pakistan their dignity and their fundamental rights. It is tantamount to moving of the Pakistani nation and society in a direction where rule of law, independence of judiciary and supremacy of the constitution will prevail.

04 Mar, 2009
Free Trade Brings Prosperity

This Press Briefing has been arranged in connection with the launching of Global Freedom to Trade Campaign. As we know that WTO's 5th ministerial conference is going to be held in Cancun, Mexico, from September 10 to 14, this is to remind that the driving force behind the WTO was 'free trade' but the politics of big powers and its vested interests have divided this platform into warring forces. We at Alternate Solutions Institute want to stress the importance of trying to achieve global free trade through WTO, and taking advantage of this Campaign wants to highlight the fact that free trade is the way of prosperity for the people of the world.

04 Mar, 2009
New Book: Fighting the Diseases of Poverty

UN, governments' policies cause avoidable disease and suffering Many health policies promoted by intergovernmental bodies and governments in less-developed countries are counterproductive and lead to unnecessary suffering, according to a new book, Fighting the Diseases of Poverty launched here by Alternate Solutions Institute, a partner organization of Campaign for Fighting Diseases.

04 Mar, 2009
Civil Society Report on Climate Change

Governments should reject calls for a post-Kyoto treaty “Kyoto 2”

Civil Society Report says climate policy should focus on removing barriers to adaptation

04 Mar, 2009
Economic Freedom Report 2007: Pakistan Climbs the Ladder of Economic Freedom

Pakistan climbs the ladder of Economic Freedom scoring 6 points ranking 101 out of 141 countries; leaps big in Legal Structure and Security of Property Rights area by improving from 2.5 to 4.4; loses big in Access in Sound Money by sliding down from 6.4 to 6.0.

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