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04 Mar, 2009
Rising Food Prices, Protectionism and the Poor

Rising food prices have caused street protests from Mexico to India to Senegal. But this could be a blessing in disguise if it makes governments eliminate the trade barriers that push prices higher: the poorest countries will benefit most from dropping their own tariffs.

04 Mar, 2009
Property Rights Protection in Pakistan

This article discusses the state of property rights protection in Pakistan. In addition to anecdotal evidence, it brings evidence of the weak postion of property rights protection in Pakistan from the International Property Rights Index 2008. According to the IPRI 2008, Pakistan stands at 93 out of 115 countries, is ranked with Nepal and Ecuador. In comparison, India is ranked at 36. Worse, Pakistan is in the bottom quintile that includes countries like Bangladesh and Ethiopia.

04 Mar, 2009
Packaging it Maliciously

The article, Packaging it maliciously, argues that the constitutional package brought in by the Pakistan Peoples Party at best seems to be a ploy to fizzle out the rule of law movement by creating uncertainties, confusion and useless debates hovering around the real issue, dragging the issue to an ad infinitum where it loses its force. The package is an attempt at amending the constitution maliciously. Supposedly if this package goes through the parliament in its original form, what will it achieve? Nothing of the sorts needed at this time. Will it resolve the issue of judges’ restoration to the satisfaction of the lawyers’ associations and civil society? More importantly, will it resolve the judicial crisis to the dictates of the constitution? Also, it is just unintelligible how reducing the term of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry will help reform the judiciary!

08 Feb, 2009
Siege From Within

When creative spirit of a nation is arrested from within, it is as vulnerable to external insinuations as is to internal machinations, and can never make any progress.

12 Jan, 2009
Defeatism - A New Factor

The article, Defeatism – A New Factor, discusses the ‘post-long march’ moment of lull in the rule of law movement. It contends that after eight years' dictatorial rule the democratic dawn has proved false.

12 Jan, 2009
Long March - The Aftermath

The article, Long March - The Aftermath, discusses that the Long March has concluded, but a number of questions still haunt the lawyers’ leaders? The most important of which is what did the Long March achieve. The article argues that can we achieve anything by protesting peacefully in a thoroughly un-civilized society of Pakistan? Or for that matter, even by un-peaceful means?

12 Jan, 2009
In Defense of Ex-Servicemen

‘It was the 1947 movement of independence which got us freedom from the rule of foreign masters, and now the lawyers’ movement for an independent judiciary aims at getting us freedom from the rule of local masters.’

12 Jan, 2009
Long March NROed

Under an intensely charged situation like this where the Lawyers’ Long March is creating an amorphous perspective with no positive signals from any quarters, if one can afford a moment of unconcern, he will appreciate one move of General (Retired) Musharraf as far as the game of Pakistani politics is concerned.

12 Jan, 2009
Twelve-Step Program to Poverty

World Environment Day offers the poor a tempting formula: developing countries must slow economic growth to avoid becoming eco-vampires like the industrialized economies. We Africans should be content to live quaintly in our mud huts lit by solar and wind power.

05 Jan, 2009
A World Without Rules

It is rules which distinguish Homo sapiens from Animalia. It is rules which separate a society from a jungle. Also, it is rules absence of which transforms Homo sapiens again into animals and a society into a jungle.

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