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30 Dec, 2008
Bailouts Destroy Prudence

So you notice that your income has shrunk, you may even have lost your job. So you decide to trade in your gas guzzler for a small vehicle and even reduce your monthly car payments, if you have such. And in other realms of your life, too, you may be making adjustments to cope with the general economic downturn. You cook at home instead of eating at your favorite restaurant; you do not purchase that pair of shoes you would have otherwise, etc., etc. 

17 Dec, 2008
Political Moral Depravity

This article discusses the present politics of Pakistan Peoples Party and takess exception to an admission by one of the PPP Member National Assebly, Ms. Nafisa Shah very seriously.

17 Dec, 2008
Kenya's Stolen Election - Lessons from Zimbabwe

Kenya's opposition must challenge the disputed election results in the courts if it wants to strengthen democracy, weaken autocracy and defuse violence. Even in Zimbabwe this has shown our citizens and the world that there is still hope for that very foundation of freedom, the rule of law. Our experience applies wherever elections cannot be trusted and wherever the rule of law is shaky.

17 Dec, 2008
Countdown on the Traitors

"Countdown on the Traitors" discusses the politics and role of Pakistan Peoples Party's Asif Ali Zardari in playing with the issue of the restoration of the deposed judges. It exposes the pro-establishment politics of PPP since its founding, and exhorts the PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari not to betray the mandate and wishes of the people of Pakistan.

17 Dec, 2008
Make the Poor Pay

There is a growing notion that rich countries should slash imports from poor countries whose antiquated factories are heavy carbon emitters: this eco-protectionism is in fact good old-fashioned protectionism and would hit the poor hardest.

02 Dec, 2008
Government, My Foot!

The article, "Government, my foot!" argues that governments’ delivery of goods and services throughout the world has suffered a steep decline. This is more so in countries which have transformed into elitist states and where production and distribution of goods and services is heavily controlled by governments. Pakistan is one such country where government’s control has disabled both its economy and society. It presents a classic case of how a government fails its people and makes their life miserable.

02 Dec, 2008
PML (N): Enigma of Principled Politics

The article argues that though the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)-led government in the Centre is a perfect target for criticism. However, the real target for criticism should be the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

01 Dec, 2008
Blame Bad Rules, not Capitalism

With turmoil in the world’s markets, politicians and commentators have been demanding more regulation and control of the financial sector. Their reaction is entirely predictable – but entirely wrong.

01 Dec, 2008
Now it is Minus PPP

This article discusses the fate of the Rule of Law movement after the betrayal of Pakistan People Party. After attempting a SWOT analysis of the movement, the article concludes that this movement is like a sieve. It is separating wheat from chaff. The latest chaff is PPP. Now the formula for the success of this movement is ‘Move on minus PPP!’

01 Dec, 2008
Beware of Collaborators!

It takes more than 25 years for our politicians to agree upon a constitution and to have it enforced, and then through the next 35 years they tried their best to betray it. Prior to 1973, we were living in the wilderness of a constitutional anarchy; after that, we are living in the wilderness of a constitutional graveyard.

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