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01 Dec, 2008
The WHOs Sick Manifesto for Global Recession

The World Health Organization claimed this week that “social injustice is killing people on a grand scale.” Its major report on the “Social Determinants of Health” concludes that social and economic inequality is a major global cause of disease and that only massive government intervention and redistribution of wealth can improve the health of the poor.  But, as with many prescriptions, the side effects would be worse than the disease.

01 Dec, 2008
The American Contradiction

American people create abundant wealth. So, they are prosperous and happy. It is only because they are economically freer than many nations on earth. In consequence, that makes them politically freer.

26 Nov, 2008
A Non-American Reading Of the American Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, is one of the greatest documents human history has produced. The more one reads it, the more meaningful, more insightful it becomes. Another aspect is its way of asserting certain things negatively. That is what I am interested in presenting here. Let us see whether the Declaration substantiates this sort of reading between the lines.

26 Nov, 2008
The Kashmir Conflict: How to Keep it Alive

The Kashmir conflict, like other ones such as Palestine, does have a history. Parties to it write, rewrite and exploit this history to a point where its ability to offer a solution becomes precarious. Besides, this kind of use of history complicates the conflict inextricably, and one wonders whether it would ever be possible to resolve it. So, I think, instead of delving into the history of Kashmir conflict, it's better to look forward to its possible resolutions.

26 Nov, 2008
The Consumer - Victim of Statism

During the 20th century, 200,000,000 people became the victim of state violence and lost their precious lives. But even more people became victims of another type of state tyranny and that is tyranny against consumers by denying them the many benefits from free trade.

26 Nov, 2008
Market economy: Option for Pakistan

The system of market economy works best to fulfill the people's quest for happiness by providing them free choice to meet their needs.

26 Nov, 2008
Free Trade is Cricket

It has been 15 years since an Indian cricket team completed a tour in Pakistan. But a new spirit of reconciliation has gripped the two countries recently. The renewal of this sporting fixture is the first tangible triumph of talks between leaders of the two countries that began at January's South Asia summit in Islamabad. Make no mistake: for the people of these cricket crazy countries it is a gesture of the utmost political and diplomatic significance.

26 Nov, 2008
Buying a Car in Pakistan
In 2004, the Pakistani government placed an order for a luxurious Mercedes Cardiac ambulance at a cost of more than 13 million rupees (about $225,000). The vehicle, first of its kind, will be used exclusively by a select group of VIP patients in the capital, Islamabad. No doubt the privileged few will include civil and military bureaucrats and so-called representatives of the people.

26 Nov, 2008
Let Market Forces Decide the Pace of Growth
If you do not create a free market, a black market will emerge. This is the motto of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute. In this article, I shall try to show that the system of market economy works best to fulfil the people's quest for happiness by providing them free choice to meet their needs.

26 Nov, 2008
How to Reduce High Electricity Tariff?
Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) is one of the monopolies which have made a hell of Pakistan. A few months back, a responsible official of WAPDA admitted that: power rates in Pakistan are very high. On another occasion, Secretary Federal Ministry of Water and Power stated that: pubic concern is increasing due to unaffordable electricity tariff whereas life is now dependent on cheap and reliable energy.

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