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13 Dec, 2010
Food Security In Great Peril From Biofuels

December 13, 2010 

Agriculture faces many difficulties, from how to establish land rights to how to disseminate technology or adapt to climate change. But the biofuel problem is a no-brainer.

04 Dec, 2010
Wikileaking Clandestine Governments

December 4, 2010

Hence, if all the affairs of governments are open and transparent, most of the possibility of this or that type of armed revolts, and war will be reduced to the minimum. This proposition would never be welcomed by rulers and governments, and also by those who despite their being outside government are stuffed with a thinking of ruling other people. They are ‘rulers’ from inside, or by instinct. They can never concede to or tolerate that the matters of governments be brought in open before the ‘ordinary’ citizens.

01 Dec, 2010
A Stinted Mindset
December 1, 2010

We are not a normal nation and live down inside the proverbial well made of our own presumptions. Thus we are a perfect subject matter for psychologists to study. In addition, we are never ready to admit that, instead declare others abnormal. That makes us own a stinted mindset in our heads. What’s wrong with this mindset is that it never allows us to live normally, to have introspection, to see ourselves in a critical mirror, to identify our mistakes, to understand our inconsistencies, to grant others the same rights and freedoms that only we rightfully claim to possess and enjoy. It is this mindset that does not let us come out of our obsession of a charismatic nation (for whom things will happen on their own without any effort), and finally it is this mindset that never permits us to move ahead and improve ourselves.

17 Oct, 2010
Bridging The Communication Gap With PPP!

October 17, 2010

The latest Nawabshah speech (October 11) of President Asif Ali Zardari, replete with the same old rhetoric, and the adoption of the same hazy and symbolic rhetoric by the Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani also, proves the same point that the disconnect or the communication gap is but a deliberate strategy to refuse to follow the norms, rules, laws, and constitutional provisions. Whatever its motives are, the PP leadership has taken refuge behind the populist parlance. In this vein, every piece of criticism of whatever nature is dumped under the carpet of conspiracy against the people of Pakistan, and their Party, i.e. the PPP.

07 Oct, 2010
Pakistan: A Flood Of Restrictions

October 07, 2010 

The government is also considering a flood tax aiming to raise Rs.138 billion (US$1.6 billion). In the current economic meltdown, such a claim looks very implausible. Moreover, taxes always discourage private and philanthropic giving. If I were taxed in the name of flood relief, I would obey but would then refuse to give to all charitable organizations. Thus a flood surcharge would only increase the flow of cash to government coffers instead of going to the many fairly effective humanitarian charities.

16 Sep, 2010
How To Make It Through The Floods?

September 16, 2010 

At present, Pakistan remains hidebound by restrictions on economic activity. Inefficient and expensive law courts make it difficult to enforce contracts. Restrictions on property make ownership insecure and undermine investment. Employment regulations and corruption make it difficult to operate a formal business, driving economic activity underground, where it cannot be taxed. These factors put Pakistan near the bottom of every ranking of economic freedom and are the main reasons for its weak economy and slow growth.

15 Sep, 2010
Jobs without growth?

September 15, 2010

International lending agencies want Pakistan to launch public works programmes to contain rising unemployment and poverty, instead of focusing only on growth. This is a mirage hidden in a trap.

23 Aug, 2010
Pakistans Crisis - Its Roots

August 23, 2010

Pakistan is in the grip of a deadly crisis. Whether it is political or economic domain, social or religious life, private or public sphere, the chaos is overriding. Watch for the utter disregard for social and moral values, and social norms on the one hand, and on the other for rules and laws, and the constitution, rampant at every level without any exception. That tells not only of the moral bankruptcy of Pakistani society but of the gravity of the deep moral crisis also. 

13 Aug, 2010
Water: This Right Is Wrong

August 11, 2010

The right to clean water and sanitation is far less definable and depends on economic development, technology and infrastructure. Above all, if people have a right to water and sanitation, other people must provide it--in practice, governments using public money. Such privileges are called “positive rights,” as opposed to the inaptly-named “negative rights” to things that cannot be taken away from you. So this is really a call for state intervention, at the expense of other priorities and freedoms--and water is no more a practically enforceable human right than other essential commodities such as food, clothing or shelter.

13 Aug, 2010
Pakistan - A Criminal State

August 14, 2010

It doesn’t matter which Independence Day it is – 64th or whatever; what matters is whether we are justified in celebrating the Independence or not!

In fact, and indeed, instead of celebrating, we need to indict ourselves. Nay, not ourselves, but those who are responsible of abusing this independence and turning this country into a criminal-elitist state.

This article is an indictment of the State and governments of Pakistan. On this day of August 14, 2010, I present it to the genius of the people of Pakistan!

May this article be able to awaken the conscience of the criminal elites of this country!

May this article be able to trigger a process of intense introspection among us!

May this article be able to grace us with the courage of admitting our crimes, and not declaring others responsible in our stead! [Khalil Ahmad]

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