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20 Nov, 2009
In Defense Of Kerry-Lugar Bill

October 21, 2009

The KLB is part of a new political paradigm and it needs a new pro-active and positive approach to be understood properly. It is people-oriented, and anti-elite. It is anti-Taliban who are intent upon rewinding the whole world back to a past of their own liking. Also, it is imperative that we give due weight to the new realities of the world which provide us with opportunities to change ourselves to co-exist peacefully and live a better life in harmony with other nations, peoples and countries. The KLB may help us take the next step in that direction!

18 Aug, 2009
Not An Elitist Media!

August 06, 2009

If you attack the establishment long enough and hard enough, they will make you a member of it.
[Art Buchwald}

A momentous turn in the history of the media both electronic and print in Pakistan is the rule of law movement. No doubt, through the thick and thin of this movement it was proved that in the war against the elite classes, media especially electronic media can play a frontal role. It must be mentioned here that electronic and print media both reciprocate their influence on the formation of public opinion. Prior to that, media was considered an integral part of the elitist alliance. No doubt, it was so!

10 Aug, 2009
Religion And Rule Of Law In Pakistan

August 10, 2009

After military might, religion is the greatest alibi to defy the rule of law in Pakistan.

Probably the greatest tragedy that happened to Pakistan is that religious factor decisively succeeded in putting everything on defensive. How under such circumstances a value like rule of law could take root? Thus, what happened in Gojra is not un-expected.

25 Jul, 2009
Bulldozers Can't Stop Slums
July 25, 2009 
After treading the red carpet at the Oscars in Los Angeles in February, the child stars of Slumdog Millionaire are on the streets: Mumbai authorities have demolished their flimsy shelters only three months after promising them real houses. Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail and Rubina Ali Qureshi are just two of some 60 million slum-dwellers in India and their Garib Nagar and Barat are just two of about 52,000 slums. 

11 Jun, 2009
The Post-Restoration PML (N)

May 07, 2009

Let us leave behind what is behind the scene. We cannot decipher the exact meaning lost in the ambiguous language of the PML (N) leadership until and unless they state it clearly and meaningfully. However, we can judge on how dangerous its well-defined policy of vacillation towards Taliban is. We can see how its noncommittal position ultimately serves the interests of the Taliban and their allies, and how seriously damaging it is for the reputation and popularity of the PML (N). Last but not least, we can speak of what one of the Pakistan’s largest political parties should be doing now, amidst the Taliban’s terrorist onslaught, and how it is avoiding taking sides.

22 May, 2009
A S Institute releases its Charter of Liberty

The Charter of Liberty released by Alternate Solutions Institute today demands that the fundamental rights given in the 1973 Constitution be taken as core values and made inviolable.

17 Mar, 2009
Security Lapse Or Security Collapse

March 7, 2009

March 3 was the day when whole of Pakistan refused shelter to the visiting members of the Sri Lankan cricket team. Viewers watched live air-lifting of the guest cricketers by a Pakistan Army helicopter, and news was they would be flown back to their home country without delay. Was that so insecure in whole of Lahore? Or, throughout Pakistan?

06 Mar, 2009
PEMRA: Regulating the Taste of People

The institution of government was founded to protect the life, liberty and property of citizens from the usurpers be they individuals or conutries. Or, what purpose could or does it serve? Surely, people did not and do not need somebodies to rule them? But, with the passage of time, various ambitious individuals, elites, representatives of this or that class, and organized political/religious parties, monopolized it to rule the people, to regulate their lives according to their philosophies, ideologies, visions, wishes and tastes. Thus, the institution of government started losing its rai-sons d'e-tre.

04 Mar, 2009
The Kings Among Us

This article argues that judging rulers on the basis of their individual qualities or the circumstances of their lives is inconsistent with the norms of governance; what needs to be judged, in the first instance, is that whether they uphold the rule of law or not. Obviously, it is rule of law that is the greatest supporter of ordinary people and have-nots. Hence, one who plays with the rule of law, one who defies it, one who makes a travesty of it, never deserves any sympathy be he Saddam Hussein or someone else!

04 Mar, 2009
A State that Took over Society

During the 1970s, Pakistan went in for wholesale nationalization of its private enterprises, taking even educational institutions into the state’s hands. This was a move laden with far-reaching and unforeseeable consequences. Some are still being unveiled today. It changed not only the economic and political, but also the social, intellectual and moral landscape of the country for generations to come.

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