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02 Dec, 2008
Government, My Foot!

The article, "Government, my foot!" argues that governments’ delivery of goods and services throughout the world has suffered a steep decline. This is more so in countries which have transformed into elitist states and where production and distribution of goods and services is heavily controlled by governments. Pakistan is one such country where government’s control has disabled both its economy and society. It presents a classic case of how a government fails its people and makes their life miserable.

01 Dec, 2008
Blame Bad Rules, not Capitalism

With turmoil in the world’s markets, politicians and commentators have been demanding more regulation and control of the financial sector. Their reaction is entirely predictable – but entirely wrong.

01 Dec, 2008
The WHOs Sick Manifesto for Global Recession

The World Health Organization claimed this week that “social injustice is killing people on a grand scale.” Its major report on the “Social Determinants of Health” concludes that social and economic inequality is a major global cause of disease and that only massive government intervention and redistribution of wealth can improve the health of the poor.  But, as with many prescriptions, the side effects would be worse than the disease.

26 Nov, 2008
The Consumer - Victim of Statism

During the 20th century, 200,000,000 people became the victim of state violence and lost their precious lives. But even more people became victims of another type of state tyranny and that is tyranny against consumers by denying them the many benefits from free trade.

26 Nov, 2008
Market economy: Option for Pakistan

The system of market economy works best to fulfill the people's quest for happiness by providing them free choice to meet their needs.

26 Nov, 2008
Buying a Car in Pakistan
In 2004, the Pakistani government placed an order for a luxurious Mercedes Cardiac ambulance at a cost of more than 13 million rupees (about $225,000). The vehicle, first of its kind, will be used exclusively by a select group of VIP patients in the capital, Islamabad. No doubt the privileged few will include civil and military bureaucrats and so-called representatives of the people.

26 Nov, 2008
Let Market Forces Decide the Pace of Growth
If you do not create a free market, a black market will emerge. This is the motto of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute. In this article, I shall try to show that the system of market economy works best to fulfil the people's quest for happiness by providing them free choice to meet their needs.

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