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04 Mar, 2009
Forsaken by the State

The article highlights the importance of protecting private property, and deplores the criminal negligence of the Pakistani state in providing protection to the private property and businesses which were the target of loot and arson that took place in the wake of Benazir Bhutto's assassination. The article advises those who suffered losses to file damages suits against responsible government functionaries and ransackers instead of demanding for compensation from the government which in turn will be addressed by levying more taxes.

04 Mar, 2009
The Future of PPP after Benazir Bhutto

This article weighs the impact of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto on the future politics of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and of Pakistan. It concludes that with her assassination, there is going to be no substantial change in the polity of Pakistan.

04 Mar, 2009
How to Cause Hunger

Chronic hunger affects some 850 million people in the world, while hunger and poverty combined claim around 25,000 lives every day. To remind us of this unacceptable tragedy, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FOA) celebrated its annual World Food Day with the slogan "The right to food." But the FAO should have paid more attention to rights that matter most for "landless farmers, urban slum dwellers and the extremely poor" - the right to own and exchange property and the right to trade freely, both locally and internationally.

04 Mar, 2009
The Last Temptation of Asif Ali Zardari

Self-interest runs supreme. It is natural and logical. However, it is market that discovers and maintains a beautiful balance between clashing self-interests. Voluntary exchanges in the market where all the parties involved seek their own interest ultimately benefit all the parties. Otherwise, if any one fears to incur harm or loss, the exchange does not take place. This is how self-interest of one individual takes care of other individuals’ interest. It is in this perspective that the science of economics has been defined as the study of how and how not we fulfill our mutual needs.

04 Mar, 2009
Free Water!

Every year, World Water Week gathers experts and UN officials in their thousands, uttering vitriolic statements, holding meetings and forming alliances - but ignoring the real problem that prevents a billion people getting decent water: bad management.

04 Mar, 2009
New Report: Global "Over-population" a Myth

On World Population Day, July 11th, the UNFPA will call for men to be more involved in family planning and women’s reproductive healthcare. Underlying this fine-sounding campaign is the UN Population Fund's belief that we must stabilise and decrease world population in order to save the planet and promote economic growth.

04 Mar, 2009
From the Electoral to a Real Victory

The News International on March 09, 2008, published an article, From the Electoral to a Real Victory, by Dr. Khalil Ahmad. The article argues that only by restoring the pre-November 3 judiciary and making the fundamental rights ensured in the Constitution of 1973 inviolable the electoral victory of February 18 elections can be transformed into a real victory.

04 Mar, 2009
Echoing Lal Masjid

The article argues that it is not because of the Lal Masjid army operation that General Musharraf's party, Pakistan Muslim League (Q) lost in the February 18 elections as is being claimed by its leaders. It says that whatever the differences over the timing and methodology of the Lal Masjid army operation may have been, one can always put forward a number of alternate ways of dealing with such phenomena.

04 Mar, 2009
Mr. Zardari, Manu Bheels do not need Food, Clothing, and Shelter

The article argues that it was in 1968 that Pakistan Peoples Party snatched the slogan of Roti (Food), Kapra (Clothing) and Makaan (Shelter) from the Left. Even today it is harping the same tune, while the Left parties both in India and Pakistan are shifting from Poverty to Justice as the core demand.

04 Mar, 2009
No Qualms Against America

The article, No qualms against America, argues that we the ordinary people are not able to see how it concerns the US that we should not reinstate our Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and his fellow judges to their due position. However, we have no qualms against the US and its officials who are behaving like international goons. We want to know what roles our leaders are playing in this game.

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