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26 Nov, 2008
The Kashmir Conflict: How to Keep it Alive

The Kashmir conflict, like other ones such as Palestine, does have a history. Parties to it write, rewrite and exploit this history to a point where its ability to offer a solution becomes precarious. Besides, this kind of use of history complicates the conflict inextricably, and one wonders whether it would ever be possible to resolve it. So, I think, instead of delving into the history of Kashmir conflict, it's better to look forward to its possible resolutions.

24 Nov, 2008
An Analysis of Pakistan's Score: Economic Freedom of the World 2006 Annual Report
According to the Fraser Report, "the key ingredients of economic freedom are personal choice, voluntary exchange, freedom to compete, and protection of person and property. ('Along with formulating and implementing policies consistent with these ingredients')...economic freedom also requires governments to refrain from many activities.

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