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Atif Shehzad

Atif Shehzad is a businessman based in Peshawar. He holds MSc in Chemistry from Department of Chemistry University of Peshawar Pakistan. He taught in the Department of Chemistry University of Peshawar and then joined his family business in pharmaceuticals which he further diversified to FMCG, import/export and CNG sectors. Currently, he has a distribution network […]

Prof. Dr. Sajid Ali

Professor Dr. Sajid Ali joined the Department of Philosophy in 1979. He has been Chairman of the Department from March 15, 2006 to August 24, 2011 and held Iqbal Chair of Philosophy. He did his BA in 1971 and MA Philosophy in 1973 from Government College, Lahore, and got two Academic Rolls of Honour. He […]

Zafarullah Khan

Mr. Zafarullah Khan is Executive Director of Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services Islamabad Pakistan. He possesses a rich experience spread over three decades in the fields of journalism, parliamentary democracy, civic education, Constitutionalism, an d human rights. He has a diverse professional background and served as Executive Director, Centre for Civic Education, Pakistan, (2004-2016); Correspondent […]

Wan Saiful Wan Jan

Wan Saiful Wan Jan is the Chairman of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation Government of Malaysia, former CEOof the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (www.ideas.org.my). He is also Director of the Southeast Asia Network for Development (www.seanetwork.asia) and Chairman of the Istanbul Network for Liberty (www.istanbulnetwork.org). Additionally, he is also a member of the Advisory Board […]

Bican Sahin

Professor Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Political Science and Public Administration BicanSahin received PhD in 2003 from the University of Maryland, United States. His research interests include political philosophy, issues such as democracy and state-civil society relations and the relationship between Islam and Turkey. He writes in Turkish and English newspapers and authored many […]

Property Rights Index 2008: Poor need property laws to create wealth

People in countries that protect their physical and intellectual property enjoy a GDP per capita up to nine times greater than those without legal protection, the 2008 edition of the International Property Rights Index (IPRI), reveals. Countries that protect property rights provide an essential foundation for peace, stability and prosperity, the Index shows: its calculations […]

UN Climate Change Report Unfounded

Independent assessment of UN climate change report refutes alarmist claims made in official “Summary for Policymakers” Alternate Solutions Institute: LAHORE, PAKISTAN — An independent review of the science of climate change contradicts in many respects the official Policymakers Summary released on Friday February 2, 2007 in Paris – calling into question the validity of the […]

Economic Freedom and Devopment – Applying the Lessons

When a citizen of South Asia looks eastward, to East and Southeast Asia, he will see the benefits of fast economic growth over the past half century. Many places, such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai, have followed Japan and left the third for the first world. by Wolfgang Kasper When a […]

Property Rights Index 2007: Pakistan ranks at 59th position with weakest property rights

A new international index reveals how laws on physical and intellectual property stimulate growth while the weakest economies have the weakest laws. Today’s first annual International Property Rights Index (IPRI) measures seventy countries’ performance in the protection of land titles and copyrights, assets and patents showing the direct effect on economic well-being. Lahore March 06, […]