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Afraid Of Trade?

The MFN then, even if its name has been watered down to Non-Discriminatory Market Access to remove the misimpression that India will be treated better than any other country we trade with, is something we need to pursue. [This article first appeared in The News on March27, 2014. The writer is a journalist based in […]

Hopeless in Pakistan

That’s the story of the last 67 years. The story is going to be retold if the politicians do not take heart to challenge the actors be they state, i.e. security establishment, or non-state, i.e. Taliban and other violent groups. And if the ruling politicians let the security establishment do what it like, and do […]

Property And Property Rights

One view is that property and law are born together, and remain together. When there was no law, there was no property, take away the laws a property ceases. In more recent times, constitutions of individual states have safeguarded the property rights. The term property usually refers to tangible things, say for example, tools, clothing, […]