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Media Release: “The Bases Of Economic Freedom: A Course For The Beginners” Launched

Lahore May 25, 2009: Alternate Solutions Institute, first free market think tank of Pakistan, has launched and successfully completed the first session of its ambitious project, The Bases of Economic Freedom: A course for the beginners. The course aims at teaching and promoting the virtues of fundamental individual rights and economic freedom. The first ever […]

Media Release: New Study demands Education Voucher Scheme be expanded to other districts

Punjab Education Foundation’s Education Voucher Scheme in Lahore benefiting disadvantaged families Lahore November 7, 2009: An independent study of the Education Voucher Scheme conceived and implemented by Punjab Education Foundation in under-developed areas of Lahore shows that Milton Friedman’s idea of education voucher has been picked up and applied in its true spirit, and finds […]

Media Release: Hum-Azad.Org Goes Online Today

Alternate Solutions Institute’s Urdu website, Hum-Azad.org goes online today Hum-Azad.org to promote rule of law, fundamental rights, limited government, market economy and freedom with responsibility Lahore November 14, 2009: Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan’s first free market think tank, launches its Urdu website, http://Hum-Azad.org, today in Lahore. In conjunction with its English website, http://asinstitute.org, Hum-Azad.org will […]

Media Release: New Study Reveals The Importance Of Economic Freedom For Development In Pakistan

Market and policy integrated with rule of law can bring well-being to all As economic freedom and well-being are shown closely related for all income levels, granting economic freedom should precede poverty alleviation programs Lahore December 3, 2009: An empirical study of the two sample districts of Punjab (Bahawalpur and Sialkot), conducted by Ali Salman […]

Media Release: In Property Rights, Pakistan 104th Out Of 125 Countries

International Property Rights Index 2010 released Pakistan ranks at 104th out of 125 countries Nepal better than Pakistan; India at 53; Bangladesh consistently at the bottom In Gender Equality for property rights, Pakistan ranks 68 out of 80 countries Piracy accounts for the entire music market in Pakistan Lahore February 23, 2010: Alternate Solutions Institute […]

Media Release: “Green” Subsidies Are Costly for Taxpayers and the Environment – New Study

Lahore September 01, 2010: A study “Seven Myths About Green Jobs,” published in association with more than two dozens think tanks from all over the world, including the Alternate Solutions Institute from Pakistan, concludes that Green Jobs are not that Green as is being claimed by the Green politicians and advocates. The study reveals the […]

Media Release: Economic Freedom Suffers A Setback In Pakistan

Pakistan’s ranking downed from 110 to 118 with score lowering from 5.95 to 5.80 Lack of Economic Freedom major cause of homicide, unemployment Recession caused global decrease in Economic Freedom Pakistan far behind from India’s rank at 87, and Rwanda’s at 90 Sri Lanka, Bangladesh perform better at 111, 113 Lahore September 20, 2010: This […]

Media Release: Pakistan with a score of 4.1 ranked at 113th out of 129 countries

March 25, 2011  International Property Rights Index 2011 released Report emphasizes connection between Property Rights and Well-being Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Algeria perform better than Pakistan; India at 55; Bangladesh consistently at the bottom In Gender Equality for property rights, out of 83 countries Pakistan ranked 69, Bangladesh at 66 Lahore March 25, 2011: Alternate […]

New Urdu BooK: “Pakistan Mein Riyasti Ashrafiya Ka Urooj” Published

Media Release: New Urdu BooK: “Pakistan Mein Riyasti Ashrafiya Ka Urooj” published The book invents the slogan, “Ashrafiya Ka Naheen, Sab Ka Pakistan” and provides it with philosophical foundations Author says, “This book can change the fate of Pakistani citizens.” Media Release: New Urdu BooK: “Pakistan Mein Riyasti Ashrafiya Ka Urooj” published The book invents […]