You are hereMedia Release: A. S. Institute Launches “Sign the Charter of Liberty Campaign”

Media Release: A. S. Institute Launches “Sign the Charter of Liberty Campaign”

03 April 2009

Fundamental rights be made inviolable

A. S. Institute launches “Sign the Charter of Liberty Campaign”

Individual’s rights and freedoms be taken as core values

Supreme Court ought to annul the legislation repugnant to the fundamental rights and freedoms

Democracy cannot flourish without rule of law

Lahore April 3, 2009: The fundamental rights given in the 1973 constitution be treated as core values and made inviolable. This was demanded in a meeting organized yesterday in a local hotel by the Alternate Solutions Institute, first free market think tank of Pakistan. The meeting was attended by students from various institutions and young people in a large number. At this occasion the Institute formally launched its “Sign the Charter of Liberty Campaign.” In a simple ceremony Pervaiz Akhtar, member Board of Advisors of the Institute and Farrukh Shahzad Advocate, a young lawyer, singed the forms containing the demands made in the Charter of Liberty, and kickstarted the campaign.

The Charter of Liberty released last year in October responds to the Charter of Democracy. The 70-page document presents a critique of the Charter of Democracy and is an independent Charter of Liberty also. It seeks to present a solution to the myriad problems and unimaginable sufferings faced by the ordinary people of Pakistan to achieve freedom and prosperity for all its individual citizens.

The Charter asserts that the sole purpose of a constitution is to establish a government to ensure, secure and protect the fundamental inalienable rights of the citizens. These rights include their right to life, liberty, happiness; their freedom to think, express and publish; freedom to assemble, freedom to free exercise of their belief; freedom to trade and business; and their right to justice.

The Charter of Liberty demands that the Constitution of Pakistan be amended by the parliament in such a manner that will bring it in harmony with the Charter of Liberty; and that in the Constitution be inserted a section on the pattern of American Bill of Rights to ensure that no legislation will be made by any government in any manner to expand its powers or to curtail the inalienable rights and freedoms of the people of Pakistan.


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