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Media Release: New Website Offers Path to Prosperity for Pakistanis

20 February 2009

Lahore: A new professional website featuring research, online books, regular informed commentary, and much more has been launched by the Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan’s first free market think tank. The site is and offers articles, books, newsletters, press releases and briefings, and numerous studies. Research topics include Agriculture and Food, Economics, Energy and Environment, Government and Politics, Healthcare, Law and Legal Issues, and Trade. Dr. Khalil Ahmad, Executive Director of the Alternate Solutions Institute, said on announcing the site, “We designed something that is easy to navigate and takes care of the slow internet connections. It is visitor-friendly and offers many research opportunities to journalists, policy makers, academics, businesspeople, and students who want the latest research on top issues in Pakistan.”

Dr. Ahmad also disclosed plans for a new project in Urdu. “With the successful launch of our new English website, we are taking up another ambitious project, This will work as the Alternate Solutions Institute’s Urdu project and will serve as the biggest Urdu portal on the internet where in addition to the content from the English website, literature relating to the philosophy, values, ideas, and themes of Classical Liberalism will be made available in Urdu.”

He also thanked the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and the Cato Institute, in Washington D.C., their financial and technical collaboration without which the English website project could not be completed in such a short time. The Atlas Economic Research Foundation has agreed to collaborate in the designing and launching of the Urdu project, also. 

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Khalil Ahmad
Executive Director



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