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Tax-evasion and Money-laundering in Pakistan: An Overview

“There is no business in Pakistan today which can be run without paying bribes to the ministers and secretaries.” Yusuf Haroon, a businessman [Quoted in Shahid-ur-Rehman] The economy of Pakistan is heavily regulated and controlled by the government. The ever-increasing burden of taxes and regulations has given rise to a parallel economy (usually termed as […]

Civil Society Report on Climate Change

Governments should reject calls for a post-Kyoto treaty “Kyoto 2” Civil Society Report says climate policy should focus on removing barriers to adaptation Governments should reject calls for a post-Kyoto treaty “Kyoto 2” Civil Society Report says climate policy should focus on removing barriers to adaptation Lahore November 27, 2007: A new Report produced by […]

Ideas for a Free and Responsible Society

“Ideas for a Free and Responsible Society” is a collection of writings published on a CD. The CD contains a selection of contributions by some of the most important scholars and thinkers, both historical and contemporary, which explain the general intellectual concepts, some of the challenges, and some applications to public policy issues. CD Request […]

FTAs – Do They Really Free The Trade?

Ausgust 25, 2009 In recent years free trade agreements have become fashionable. Thus, when two or more countries reach an agreement to allow free trade (because it is they which in the first instance imposed restrictions on free trade), it is publicized as a Free Trade Agreement. It is misleading and ridiculous! It’s not allowing […]

Is Healthcare A “Human Right?”

January 02, 2010 Turning healthcare into an individual enforceable human right creates all kinds of legal complexities, undermines the rule of law and stifles political pluralism. Neither is there any evidence that “the right to health” has actually improved healthcare anywhere in the world – in some cases it has undermined it. The idea that […]

The First Free-Market Think Tank in Pakistan

Pakistan’s first free-market think tank, Alternate Solutions Institute, has been launched in Lahore, a leading intellectual center of Pakistan. The motto of this new non-profit, non-political educational institute is “Welfare of the People By the People.” Its mission is to seek solutions to the challenges in the areas of economics, law, education and health in […]

Property Rights Index 2008: Poor need property laws to create wealth

People in countries that protect their physical and intellectual property enjoy a GDP per capita up to nine times greater than those without legal protection, the 2008 edition of the International Property Rights Index (IPRI), reveals. Countries that protect property rights provide an essential foundation for peace, stability and prosperity, the Index shows: its calculations […]

Media Release: New Website Offers Path to Prosperity for Pakistanis

Lahore February 20, 2009: A new professional website featuring research, online books, regular informed commentary, and much more has been launched by the Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan’s first free market think tank. The site is http://asinstitute.org and offers articles, books, newsletters, press releases and briefings, and numerous studies. Research topics include Agriculture and Food, Economics, […]