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Alternate Solutions Institute is Pakistan’s first free market Public Policy Research think tank, set up in April 2003. It is an independent educational and research entity, established for the “welfare of the people by the people,” based on mutual help and cooperation, free from any political or partisan influence. The institute’s guiding philosophy is based on the values of limited government, rule of law, protection of property rights, market economy, individual freedom, and private initiative mainly focusing on the challenges facing in the areas of economy, education, health, law, environment, in accordance with its guiding philosophy and values.

The institute has introduced a marked change in the climate of opinion in the economic and political discourse of Pakistan since in its inception. The university of Pennsylvania has ranked Alternate Solutions Institute in its Global Go To Think Tank 2018 Report Report world 59th most impactful think tank in public policy of the world and 26th top think tank in Southeast Asia and Pacific region.  

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