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A Joint Declaration on the Importance of Collaboration, Open Trade, and Innovation in Tackling COVID-19 

As member states of the World Health Organization gather today in Geneva for the World Health Assembly, a global coalition of 31 think tanks today calls on governments to commit to open trade, collaboration and innovation in the fight against Covid-19.  Read

Urdu Translation of Foundations of a Free Society

Freedom is the key to prosperity and equality. It unleashes human talent, invention, and innovation, which creates wealth and benefits everyone, especially the poor. Government attempts to equalize wealth or income are counter-productive, and a free society is one in which government has a very limited role and is constrained by the rule of law. Tolerating other people’s ideas and lifestyles benefits society by allowing truth to emerge from the battle of ideas. Communications technology is making it more difficult for authoritarian governments to hide their actions, and more and more countries are opening up to trade, tourism, and new ideas. More people are seeing the benefits of economic and social freedom and are demanding them.

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Urdu Translation of Foundation of a Free Society