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A Joint Declaration on the Importance of Collaboration, Open Trade, and Innovation in Tackling COVID-19 

As member states of the World Health Organization gather today in Geneva for the World Health Assembly, a global coalition of 31 think tanks today calls on governments to commit to open trade, collaboration and innovation in the fight against Covid-19.  Read

Let Us Kill Each Other!

April 20, 2009

Under the present circumstances where the perpetrators of terror have unleashed a most brutal war the hidden agenda of which is ultimately their own political supremacy, we have two options clearly open to every one of us: kill each other, or live in peace with each other.

By Dr. Khalil Ahmad

For us living together requires neither love nor mercy, but rules of conduct; everything be it ideology, faith, or any system of thought, comes after that. Anything short of it is at the same time inhuman and anti-human, and is like putting death before life.

“Hey, Mr., you are different. Your skin color is different. You wear clothes different from mine. Sometimes you use shorts or just rags. You eat things different from mine. You play different games. You sing and dance. You make and watch movies. You have places of obscenity which you call freedom and enjoyment. You call them art, fashion, and what not.

Your women live like you. They behave like you. They wear dress like yours. They go out like you. They do everything like you do. They sing and dance like you. They sing and dance in public like you do. You treat them like your equals.

You have installed a society and system which is different from mine. You hold elections and make a representative government which is different from mine. You have evolved representative institutions different from mine. You have a system of political parties which I don’t approve of. The world you live I don’t like at all. Why are you different?

You or most of you abandoned your beliefs. You adopted the religion of freedom instead. You give religious freedom to all and sundry. You make them or let everybody believe as they wish. Practice their faith as they wish. To me it’s just non-sense.

You have evolved philosophy and seek truth. You have developed innumerable sciences and a lot of knowledge, technology. You call it freedom of thought and expression. You believe in freedom and free society. You live in freedom and live for freedom. I don’t approve of it.

You are completely different from me. I can’t bear it. Listen! Be like me. Or I will make you to be like me. And, mind it, I will kill you if you don’t do that. Be like me or I will kill you.”

Our world is populous with different individuals, communities, and people. No one is similar to the other. We have as many differences amongst us as many men and women there are on the face of our earth planet. Thus if anyone sets out on a journey of unifying them all – different individuals and their different individualities and their individual differences – into the image of his own liking, no doubt every one of us in that case will be constantly at war with each one of us. A killing spree will follow.

Until and unless we learn to live in peace with different people, their different individualities, their individual differences, their different beliefs, and their different systems of thought, there will be no end to it. That is what human civilization is all about. We have laws and rule of law and protection of fundamental human rights to honor each one’s life and his freedom and to remain within the limits of our own life and freedom. That is what human existence is all about.

Under the present circumstances where the perpetrators of terror have unleashed a most brutal war the hidden agenda of which is ultimately their own political supremacy, we have two options clearly open to every one of us: kill each other, or live in peace with each other.

We know every war ends at total or partial annihilation of enemies, or most often at a truce. However modern wars could never accomplish what ancient wars did though in very few cases only: total killing of enemies. Thus modern civilization tried to transform the old war into strictly an instrument of policy and succeeded in confining its scope also, and it tried to rewrite the old truce into a permanent settlement. That is, agreeing on the minimum conditions for a policy of peaceful co-existence for all human beings regardless of the differences of caste and creed, so to say.

On another plane, a little while back we were in the process of reaching a universal agreement as to the realization, recognition, security and protection of fundamental inalienable rights and freedoms to all the individuals living on this earth. The terror war has negatively impacted on its progress. It needs to be conscious of that to make this world mutually livable. Life is a mutual social phenomenon, we need to appreciate that.

Along with it, we need to appreciate that as Nature and God made every people and individuals different and as all the people and individuals too want to be and remain different, let them be all different. That’s the beauty of life! Whoever is after destroying it is enemy of both life and its beauty! Let us not kill each other! Rather, let us enhance this beauty by not denying freedom to all!

The writer is founder/head of the Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan’s first free market think tank.