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By Iqbal Haider

[The writer is a senior advocate of the Supreme Court, a former Senator, Attorney General and Federal Minister. The article first appeared in Pakistan Today on October 25, 2011.]

We are very proud of the commendable lawyers’ movement sparked off on 9th of March 2007, by the refusal of the Honorable CJ. One of its admirable characteristics was its consistent pattern of non-violence. The many who participated in this historic movement were not deterred by the repeated violent attacks, tear gas, lathi charge, physical and mental torture and even firing from the local administration and the political parties in the ruling clique.

Many lawyers including Mr Raja Riaz became victim of targeted killing in Karachi. More then 70 citizens sacrificed their lives in Karachi alone on 12th May 2007. Some lawyers were even burnt alive in Karachi on 9th April 2009. Hundreds of Lawyers and members of civil society from different professions including some senior advocates such as Mr Aitzaz Ahsan, Mr Muneer Malik and others suffered serious injuries.

Thousands of lawyers and members of civil society throughout the country suffered rigors of imprisonment. The CJ and other senior member of the judiciary were detained fro months along with their families. Despite extreme provocations, the lawyers’ community and members of the civil society never resorted to violence. This was widely appreciated by numerous bar associations of the world.

It is with disappointment that I am constrained to state that soon after the heroic victory in March 2009, repeated incidents of violence by the lawyers started occurring in various courts of the country, regretfully more so in the the Punjab. Newspapers are consistently reporting incidents of physical attacks by the lawyers on the electronic media or on police constables or on the courts of civil judges or beating of the clients and ordinary public in the courts or lawyers demanding removal and appointment of the session judges of their choice.

Similarly, in Karachi, the lawyers and their elected leaders ransacked the office of an NGO offering free legal aid, in the district court premises, patronised by former Chief Justice of Pakistan, Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui. Lawyers of the Karachi Bar started demonstrations in the district court, spread offensive and abusive SMSs against former CJ Sindh and SC Judge Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid for operating his free legal aid organisation in the Karachi Jail Compound. Much to our disappointment, the lawyers and their elected office bearers succeeded in restraining Mr Zahid from operating his legal aid office from the jail premises.

I was horrified to see that some lawyers of Rawalpindi greeted and garlanded the murderer of Salmaan Taseer. When the accused Qadri was sentenced to death by the Anti-Terrorist Court of Rawalpindi, it was repeatedly attacked by some lawyers. Instead of protecting the Court and arresting the rogue elements attacking it, the government advised the judge to go on long leave. This policy of appeasement of the religious extremists is the cause for the rise and rise of militancy and religious fanatics in the country. Subsequently, I was most disappointed by the appearance of Mr Khwaja Shareef, former CJ Lahore High Court in the appeal of Qadri. No doubt every accuse has a right to be defended, but I did not expect Khawja Sharif Sahib to perform this act in such a case.

The list of lawlessness, violent and criminal acts of some of the lawyers in the Courts is fairly long. The most disturbing fact of grave concern is that rarely any elected representative or stalwarts from the lawyer community have condemned such act or taken any disciplinary action. I am conscious of the fact that vast majority of the lawyers are law abiding and peaceful members of our society.

I will not be surprised if some of the rogue elements have been planted to tarnish the image of the lawyers’ community at large, by the forces who had opposed the movement for restoration of the judges. These forces could not possibly bear the world wide acclamation and popularity of this unprecedented movement. Such adversarial forces that appear to be part of the ruling elite may very well be instigating the black sheep amongst the lawyers to commit such violent and criminal acts. What is not understandable is the indifference and deafening silence of most of the stalwarts and office-bearers of the Bar Council and Bar Associations.

It seems that the elected representatives of the Bars have followed the self serving expediency of turning a blind eye against all illegal and criminal acts of the rogue elements in bars, perhaps for securing their votes and support in the elections. The elected representatives must not forget a basic principle that offices of the bars are held not just for status and monetary gains but for serving the legal fraternity, enforcing the code of conduct, rule of law and protecting the repute of the bar councils and associations.

Once again, the season of the elections of the bar associations has started. I am in a dilemma as to whom I should vote for. I will feel guilty of voting or supporting someone who is not inclined to condemn and punish the lawyers indulging in violations of laws and the Code of Conduct. I shall be happy and will support wholeheartedly, the candidates who publicly express their determination to cleanse the bars of these rogues who continue to tarnish image of the lawyer community. [Courtesy Pakistan Today]




[Alamgir Khan, Islamabad]

An honorary PhD degree has been conferred on Rehman Malik by the University ofKarachi. So now, besides being the recipient of the highest national award, our camera-savvy interior minister is also a certified intellectual. How many people do we know who achieve so much in a little over three years? He is smart, as only fools spend a significant part of their lives attempting to accomplish the uphill task of getting the coveted doctorate, Dr Babar Awan being a rare exception. [The News]


[Mohammad Khan Sial, Karachi]

Many readers must have been surprised to see photo of Rehman Malik, federal interior minister who was getting honorary degree of law by wearing a jacket with colours of MQM flag. To my knowledge Rehman Malik is Senator from Sindh and belongs to ruling PPP. Wearing jackets similar to technicolours of MQM flag is unique and shows he has perhaps joined another party. If it is so, he must have moral courage to announce this in public. Meanwhile, the teachers of University of Karachi are strongly protesting for awarding University degree to a controversial person which is in fact is an insult to the university and every sensible citizen would support them. [The Nation]


[Aryana Jehangir, Lahore]

This is with regards to the analogy put forth by a lady from the audience present at the town-hall interactive session with Hillary Clinton during her recent visit to Pakistan that the US is like a ‘mother-in-law’ who is in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction over everything and is always asking for more to be done. This remark drew applause from the audience and even Hillary Clinton herself laughed and admitted the distinctiveness of this analogy.

I believe that she has rightly correlated a very obvious and universal role of a mother-in-law and applied it to the Pak-US relationship, as is evident from the US’s frequent warnings, displeasure and unappreciative attitude towards Pakistan’s role in the war against terror. It adequately reflects the current state of relations between the two countries who are still struggling to find common grounds for a continued alliance. It is no surprise that the lady’s remark has gained significant popularity and fame and it has become a much talked about incident. I myself found it quite hilarious.

[Daily Times]


[Khurrum Shaukat Yousafzai, Peshawar]

Honourable PM recently proclaimed that in Pakistan media is free and fair, I started to laugh and thought this is a good joke. As it may be free in Multan and Punjab but, it is not in other three provinces, just three weeks ago, brother of Journalist and Editor of London Post Mr Shahid Siddiqui, Mr Aijaz Siddiqui, lost his life and found cut into pieces in his home in Lahore after his brother, reported in his newspaper about MQM’s Altaf Hussain, of running away from British police at Heathrow Airport to South Africa. The poor brother of his could not save his life in Lahore even when he hid in his village house after receiving life threats while residing in another province. The next is Saleem Shehzad who after his reporting in Asian News web site about Taliban and Al-Qaeda nexus lost his life and was found dead along a canal. [The Frontier Post]


[Dr Ghayur Ayub, London]

According to a news report, the chair of the PM at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) buckled under his weight creating an embarrassing situation for all. The management should have known that Yusaf Raza Gilani does not weigh what he used to before he took the coveted post. Masha’Allah, as prime minister he has put on a lot of weight; thanks to the ‘high calories support’ he is getting from the budding businesses of his close relatives especially his sons. [Pakistan Observer]


[Dr Irfan Zafar, Islamabad]

The University of Karachi has awarded an honorary doctorate to Interior Minister Rehman Malik. No wonder our educational institutions are destined to be doomed. [Daily Times]


[Farkhanda Shaheen, Islamabad]

Once upon a time there was a jungle replete with all sorts of animals, vertebrates to invertebrates, mammalian and creeping monsters. Their sages thought that there must be a doctor to look after jungle inhabitants, After long hours of meditation they awarded doctors degree to monkey and held him responsible for the health of all animals. Some days later, a fox fell ill and doctor was called in to treat her. Monkey came and started jumping from one branch of tree to the other. During his acrobatic feats the fox passed away. All animals present there complained over the attitude of “Doctor”. Monkey said “ I tried my best to save her life but alas she could not survive” (mayn ny hath paon tu bahut mary lakin usko bacha nhe saka). The parable speaks volumes of the present scenario for various doctors. [Pakistan Observer]


[Dr Irfan Zafar, Islamabad

During the past few days, the country is passing through a very depressing state in the wake of one incident after the other. Through these columns, we would like to request Altaf Hussain to deliver another spectacular comedy show in the form of his speech thus bringing smiles on the faces of the masses. [Pakistan Observer]


[Dr. Irfan Zafar, Islamabad]

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, we would like to congratulate Mr Rahman Malik for obtaining a Doctorate Degree from University of Karachi. May we request the honorable minister to guide hundreds of PhD students who are wasting around 3 years on doing their research work while the same task can be achieved in a few days time. [The Nation]


[Dr Irfan Zafar, Islamabad]

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has declared that he does not recognise President Asif Zardari as the “legal” president of Pakistan. What has “legality” got to do with what happens on our political scene. [Pakistan Observer]


[Sadia Azam]

Once in a while, one is confronted with such events that, true as they might be, can render one almost petrified with disbelief. The other morning I was already feeling under the weather when I was greeted with the news that our venerable and jet-setting interior minister has now received an honorary doctorate in recognition of his services rendered to bring peace to Karachi. No doubt, the midnight conferences with the MQM and the ANP in Karachi, and the televised press statements in the wee hours of the morning throughout the previous year and a half are imprinted on our minds. But also etched on everyone’s consciousness are the killing sprees that continued unabated in Karachi and in Quetta/Balochistan after his visits. Pigs have flown and perhaps it is time the Nobel Prize committee recognised the services of Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan for his services, for having awarded the degree to Rehman Malik in his capacity as chancellor of Karachi University. [Daily Times]


[Dr Irfan Zafar, Islamabad]

Just wondering if America attacks Pakistan, will the majority of our Leaders having American Citizenship will be fighting this war while sitting in their comfortable homes in the States.

[Pakistan Observer]


Letters to FreePakistan


[Sher Gondal, Mandi Bahaluddin]

Operation of 34 passenger trains out of 38, running from Malikwal Railway Junction to different stations has been suspended and stations on Lalamusa, Sargodha, Pinddadan Khan, Bhera and Khewra Sections give deserted look. People of the area have shown their extreme resentment over closing service of these trains. They said the rulers in the name of saving democracy from derailment had destroyed all public service oriented institutions like Railway, PIA and WAPDA etc. There was no public road transport from government side and transport from private sector available on roads was in poor condition and its freight charges were beyond reach of the poor.

They said that with increased density of traffic on roads, common people could not travel on foot or cycle since there were no foot/cycle paths available along the roads. Peasants have been deprived from use of highways and roads for taking their animal from one place to other on foot since these centuries old highways remain under use of fast moving vehicles and cars owned by the rich, leaving no chance for driving animals. The other departments have also collapsed due to rampant corruption and their staffs enjoy privileges’ and perks on the cost of the poor without doing their official duties, they alleged. On the other hand a source told that railway servants had not been paid salaries for the previous month and Station Master had been served with notice for disconnection of electricity supply for non payment of outstanding bills.


[Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd), Rawalpindi]

A friend who carries a masters degree from the Karachi University expressed his utmost dejection at the award of the honourary doctorate to the Interior Minister by his Alma Ma’ter.  He said that somehow he now felt his degree not worth its while being from a university that was so indiscriminate in dolling out doctorates to persons not deserving them. He genuinely looked perturbed to have lost the respect and pride for the KU that he once held for it.


[Zaheer Khan, Dubai]

President says that he would not let others to play politics with ‘electricity’ although he has been doing it for the last forty four months with worst ever corruption in total energy sector, IPPS, Rental units etc etc. He with his incompetent, corrupt coalition government played havoc with worst ever load shedding and highest tariff of electricity subjecting poor to horrible plight. The tariff of utilities be ‘bijli, pani, petrol, CNG, gas, LPG, LNG etc etc’ are on the rising rampage killing 16.5 crore poor of Pakistan with no mercy by the plunderers, pirates, polluters [PPP-Z],’munafaks, qatils, mokaprasts [MQM} pretending with the help of TV anchors as Kamran, Luqman, Rana, Badami, Mujhid Brelvi, Asma Shirazi, Jasmeen, Shahzeb, Shahzads, Nadias etc while few other are timid, dare not talk about the crimes of MQM but give them opportunity to cleanse themselves on their TV shows.

Adding to the misery of poor are Anti nation party [ANP],and mfadprasts, looters, chors [ML-Ch. This gang of four has ruined the poor and must be removed. It is sad the judiciary is also playing to Zardari trap of ‘mumafti siyasat – in case of Swiss accounts, NRO, recent Karachi target killings, bathakhori etc and docile or no follow up resuing MR Zardari who permanently acing against constitution being partisan, political under the watch of SCP, judiciary, Imran Khan, Nawaz Saharif, JIP ETC. another point is that why does Zulfikar Mirza save Pakistan from the man [President] who is gluing to MQM alleged by him conspiring to break Pakistan with USA, UK, WEST, INDIA for the lust of retaining his power and billion of dollars. Why does not he expose his corruption who is defending MQM, the traitors from his standpoint


[Sher Gondal, Mandi Bahaluddin]

Ex-Servicemen of Mandi Bahauddin have expressed their full support to Nawaz Sharif for his demanding of central government to ban all such political parties who have militant wings and sending references against them to SC. In a meeting of Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society (PESS) participated by executive members today at FM Station here, Major Sher Gondal district president PESS said that according to SC findings on Karachi violence suo moto case these parties were responsible for killing of innocent people and creating turmoil in Karachi to promote their own interests. They have no sympathies with the poor whose sufferings continue to increase with every passing day, he added. He said among the present politicians Nawaz Sharif was a moderate leader and his contributions towards providing relief goods to rain and flood hit Sindhis were commendable. It was unfortunate that some leaders from Sindh instead of acknowledging his efforts for providing relief goods were criticizing him on flimsy ground that he was playing politics. Participants of the meeting included Major Nasir Javed. Capt Amin, Capt Lal, Capt Saleh, Lt Arshad, CWO Abdul Ghani, CPO Aslam, Hav Mukhtar, Sub Sher Tarar, CWO Bashir.


[A. J. Ali, Sahiwal]

The Honorable SCP-CJP has given its verdict on suo moto notice, it took on Karachi. They have placed responsibility on the chief accused forming government in coalition to probe the judicial process of target killers and bathakhori in Karachi not only during Julty-August-2007 but for whenever, wherever by whosoever even of thirty years back and Zulfikar Mirza has been disposed by PPP-Zardari to appease MQM. Will it impartial probe ever happen when the main accused are in government? Can accused prove themselves accused ’khud mujram-khud munsaf’!! To strengthen as one caller suggested that SCP should had ordered the coalition formation of PPP-Z, ANP, MQM to be postponed MQM, ANP joining government till the independent probe by highest power judicial commission is satisfactorily completed (PPP-Z. principally government should had also resigned).

I would also take this opportunity to request Imran Khan AND Nawaz Sharif close their  and party ranks  to save Pakistan from enemies within and outside who will only gain strength by their confrontational mode especially Imran Khan who and his men do it virulently. Both side cease fire their verbal tirades against each other on TV talk shows or print medium and direct their opposition guns on the most corrupt government of world, enemies of poor who has ruined our economy and infrastrucure,plundering state enterprises,energy,water  (eg,for the sake of rental units,killing Kalabagh Dam etc).

Imran Khan is an emerging valuable leader and asset of nation. However, he should realize that if two big bulls fight the beneficiary is or always the predators wolves who want one to diminish and the other goes too emaciated with the duel allowing them to pounce on both and not only gobble them but their herd-clan. The casualty is the grass and poor people. This trap has been set up by Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan enemies BY pp-Zardari, MQM, ANP, MMA, ml-Choudries which has to be frustrated and doomed to failure by uniting their energies and like minded opposition who love Pakistan and its people.


[Javed Iqbal]

I saw his quote on a web-site. It is quite interesting and a thought provoking indeed. Thank you for adding the stock of my knowledge that Antony Fisher started the think tanks movement. For you working with his daughter is a superb way forward to promote his philosophy. As far as this is concerned, we are at the same wavelenghts. This is also called a “Dependency Syndrome”. We look towards government as a savior of our problems, which itself is addicted to donations, grants and loans. In this vicious cycle of deception, the poorest of the poor have to pay the heavy dosez of taxes at the cost of money minted by those sitting at the whelm of affairs. Every one will be dubbed  as a part of the blame game and “Good Governance” will stay as a buzz word like good morning and good evening.

As some one has said “Knowledge is not a power; applied knowledge is a power”. Think-tanks will continue to pour in a great wealth of knowledge and every one in this global world has to apply the knowledge in practice to usher into the era of greater economic prosperity and inclusive and sustainable development. Ultimately, “Proposals shape ideas and ideas shape policies”. This is a sum of democracy, which marches on the path of consensus. Let us hope for the best and look forward to think tanks to shun off sorrows of the world. On my part, please find attached for the time being my published poems “Sorrows and Hope” and “To Tourists”.


[G. Omar, Birmingham, UK]

I was disappointed to hear strange statement of President Zardari  about:  people, opposition parties staging ‘darhna’ before President House against the most despotic corrupt ruler of world, virtual king by the courtesy of criminal -corrupt coalition of PPP-Z, MQM, ANP, ML-Choudries disloyal to poor nation ,loyal to themselves, their families or their foreign masters. What a strange statement of correlating national politics -issue to the game of cards in which the President is past master. This shows his callousness to constitution which he has persistently violated ever since he took power acting political, partisan on day to day basis. Another heinous attempt of Karachi TV anchors especially GEO-Kamran Khan, DR Badami, DR Danish, Mujhid brelvi, Luqman, Shahzad etc, to blame only Prime minister, Galani for wrong happening to country. But all these TV anchors, MQM foot soldiers apparently do so to please MR Zardari since he is serving the sinister aims of Altaf Hussein-MQM to break Pakistan as alleged by Zulfikar MIrza which SCP has advised to be investigated by government although they would not being partners of criminal,bathakhors to prolong PPP-Z rule and billion of dollars stashed abroad. The solution lies in SCP taking notice of unconstitutional partisan ,political role and proceed suitably under law and get it implemented since his cronies has disrespected their many orders.


[Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd), Rawalpindi]

Many a letter has appeared in the papers wondering the reason for the sudden return of the otherwise obdurate MQM and adamant looking ML(Q) back into the fold of the PPP governments at Sindh and Centre..  Well … well, aren’t the alleged plethora of cases of murders, torture cells, flag burning and  kidnapping etc. against the MQM leadership and a huge corruption case against Monis Ilahi reasons good enough to mellow the arrogant renegades ?!


[Anwar Ul Haque ]

We r tired of those people who will NOT accept truth. PML N rally was mammoth. Imran knew that few people come so he arranged chairs. I counted there were only 600 seats in one block. MQM + PPP + ANP rally is totally flop despite all city employees.  Burning PML N offices in interior Sind is far  more serious than harsh criticism.


Issue of the month: Judging Karachi


[M Rafique Zakaria, Karachi]

The television screen flashed in red with the Supreme Court’s (SC) judgement points as we all anxiously watched how many criminals had been given capital punishment and how many had been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing hundreds of innocent people in Karachi. Suddenly, we heard a gunshot. We all rushed out of our office to see what had happened. A healthy young man with a beautiful tie around his neck was lying in a pool of blood beside his motorbike near the flyover of Baloch Colony. He was a software engineer returning home from work and was intercepted by a single man, also on a motorbike, with a gun in his hand. The man with the gun snatched his laptop and, upon resistance, shot the young man in his thigh. During the snatching, the gunman lost his balance and fell on the ground along with his bike. Hundreds of vehicles plying on the main Shahra-e-Faisal road froze as the gunman comfortably got up, brushed off his clothes, looked around and left the crime scene as if he had done nothing unusual. No vehicle was willing to rush the injured young man to hospital for fear of police procedures and long investigative formalities. Finally, a rickshaw driver showed some humanity and took the injured to the hospital for medical assistance.

Last but not least, the same evening, as the people of Karachi went to sleep, four people were killed in a new spate of target killings and some vehicles were torched as a religious party had given a strike call for Friday, October 7, 2011. Did anything change after the SC’s judgement? Or are things to worsen in the days to come? [Daily Times]


[M. S. Hasan, Karachi]

Like the 99 percent of my compatriots, over 160 million strong Pakistanis, I am neither a jurisprudence-savvy individual, nor do I understand its related intricacies, but I do understand and recognise that it is incumbent upon every citizen to accept a court verdict, regardless of one’s like or dislike of the decision. However, at the same time it is the right of every citizen to express his or her views, for or against, a judicial verdict. Exercising this inalienable right, as a citizen, I wish to express my deep disappointment with the outcome of the proceedings, which were undertaken by the specially constituted apex court bench following the suo motu notice taken by the Supreme Court in the matter of targeted killings in Karachi.

As has been opined by a number of citizens of the country, that the supreme court ‘judgement’, can not be termed or taken as a judgement or a firm and implementable decision. What the Supreme Court has announced, candidly speaking, was not a verdict or judgement. This can best be described as a ‘commentary’ on the subject of targeted killings, a narrative on the prevalent law and order situation and a request to the present government to take cognisance of the matter and consider implementation of the necessary administrative measures to control and arrest the deteriorating law and order in the city.

At a stretch, one can describe the related narrative of the apex court as a reminder to the current ruling junta of its obligation to protect the life and property of the citizens, as enshrined in the constitution or a list of suggestions to be merely followed. There is no emphasis either to implement these suggestions, which are left entirely to the discretion of the current government, or what consequences are in store for the government, should these suggestions be not followed. The apex court, sadly, delivered an extremely benign verdict, which is unlikely to be implemented or result in long-term improvement in the law and order situation.

The apex court’s narrative, to the utmost disappointment and dismay of the citizenry, did not hold an individual or individuals, a political party or a group, specifically responsible for the heinous crime of targeted killings, extortion and land grabbing. Nor did the apex court order arrest of any individual, involved in patronising and running a cell of criminals responsible for the killings and indulging in acts of extortion.

The temporary lull in the city and reduction in targeted killings is the result of the ruling government’s deliberate inaction allowing the criminals to hide in safe havens under the protection of the ruling leadership, coalition partners, the influential and the rest of the groups.

[Business Recorder]


[Maqsood Ahmed, Hyderabad]

I hardly see any usefulness of the Supreme Court judgment which was passed after days of discussions at the taxpayers’ expense, and which engaged a great number of politicians, lawyers, government officials and the rest. The judgment is more like a research work than a verdict on mass killings. I recall an incident during Karachi hearing when the Chief Justice’s vehicle was stuck in rainwater and the DCO, Karachi, was summoned and rebuked. An ordinary Karachi citizen can better understand the frustration of the Chief Justice on being caught in rainwater, as common men experience it too often. However, an ordinary citizen also falls victim to the killings on the basis of ethnicity, skin colour, and political affiliation. The judgment passed in this case has not hit the nail on the head, it refers to Quranic verses and Hadis which every one knows.

However, we also know that when concrete evidence is available, the Judge has to do justice and nothing less or more. Killers when identified are punished, along with their abettors, to set an example. I am afraid that we have missed a great opportunity of passing a strong message to the criminals. [Dawn]


[Mazhar Butt, Karachi

The Supreme Court judgement on the Karachi killings was more of a commentary than a judicial order and nothing new was said in it. We all know which parties and gangs are involved in the killings. The people were expecting a ruling which would order bringing the culprits to book. The criminal elements, which seem to be in hibernation mode currently, will continue to wreak havoc on the city unless they are caught and severely punished. [The News]


[Mazhar Butt, Karachi]

The Supreme Court in its suo motu action on Karachi killings has given a judgment which is more of a commentary than a judicial order. Nothing new has been said in the judgment. It is mostly vague and simply narrative and already known to all. It is common knowledge as to who are involved in Karachi killings. A speaking order should bring the culprits to book, but nothing of the sort has come out of it. The criminals are still on the spree and will continue to wreak hell in the city provided they are punished and the functioning of highly involved concerned parties and officials are suspended for a certain period until they show up with good conduct. [Dawn]


[Tariq Nazir Syed, Rawalpindi]

In its verdict the Supreme Court bench hearing the case mentioned the political parties involved in extorting money from businessmen. However, the SC did not identify the parties involved in the heinous crime of targeted killing and kidnapping for ransom. Overall, the much awaited verdict was disappointing. [The News]


Edited and prepared by

Khalil Ahmad


[FreePakistan Newsletter, among other things, is a compilation of views and news taken from the national newspapers’ print and online editions. It is not possible to mention the source of every piece of news or view made use of herein; but as a matter of policy, where possible the source is mentioned with due thanks. However, no opinion expressed here should necessarily be taken as reflecting the view of Free Pakistan Newsletter.]



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