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A Joint Declaration on the Importance of Collaboration, Open Trade, and Innovation in Tackling COVID-19 

As member states of the World Health Organization gather today in Geneva for the World Health Assembly, a global coalition of 31 think tanks today calls on governments to commit to open trade, collaboration and innovation in the fight against Covid-19.  Read

Reliving Pak Tea House

By Dr. Khalil Ahmad April 24, 2011 The demise of the Pak Tea House is symptomatic of the crisis of intellectual independence and private initiative

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A Stinted Mindset

December 1, 2010 We are not a normal nation and live down inside the proverbial well made of our own presumptions. Thus we are a

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Medicines that Kill

United Nations health and crime agencies say counterfeit drugs are killing people from China to Canada and they “promote the development of new strains of

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Hot Air and Human Health

It seems that polar bears and penguins are not the only victims of global warming. As climate talks wrap up in Bali, we heard from

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New Book: Fighting the Diseases of Poverty

UN, governments’ policies cause avoidable disease and suffering Many health policies promoted by intergovernmental bodies and governments in less-developed countries are counterproductive and lead to

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Make the Poor Pay

There is a growing notion that rich countries should slash imports from poor countries whose antiquated factories are heavy carbon emitters: this eco-protectionism is in

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UN Climate Change Report Unfounded

Independent assessment of UN climate change report refutes alarmist claims made in official “Summary for Policymakers” Alternate Solutions Institute: LAHORE, PAKISTAN — An independent review

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Protectionism Harms Environment

[P]oliticians in the European Union (EU) and the US have been peddling protectionism – threatening to impose restrictions on imports from countries that refuse to

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