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A Joint Declaration on the Importance of Collaboration, Open Trade, and Innovation in Tackling COVID-19 

As member states of the World Health Organization gather today in Geneva for the World Health Assembly, a global coalition of 31 think tanks today calls on governments to commit to open trade, collaboration and innovation in the fight against Covid-19.  Read

Adaptation not Emissions Cuts

Government officials from around the world have descended on the Indonesian resort island of Bali for two weeks of climate negotiations. The talk is of

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The Ozone Crisis that Wasn’t

Governments and activists have been celebrated from 12-21 September the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol that saved the ozone layer – or did it?

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A Green World Order

January 28, 2010 It is true that most developing countries jumped on the Copenhagen bandwagon, knowing that a successful deal would grant them more foreign

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Copenhagen: The Skeptics Views

February 10, 2010 The Oregon petition, signed by the 31,000 scientists, states: “There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane,

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